About 4th Annual Accelerating Clinical Trials

Asia Pacific is hosting a flurry of clinical trial studies and offers a significant pool of patients, investigators, and enrollment; be it COVID-19, immune-oncology, vaccines for rare diseases, oncology, and the region sees the highest number of biotech clinical research increased by 25% in 2019 outperforming global
benchmark of 10% yearly.

The growth will continue from extensive demand driven by pharma and biotech companies and abundant resources available in Asia. Part of 8th PharmaCon Asia, the 4th Annual Accelerating Clinical Trials in Asia returns to address the future of clinical trials commercial space in Asia, pharma spending, outsourcing business, technology and innovation strategies, and clinical operations insights.

2021 Highlights:

Pharma and biotech in Asia – An outlook on clinical trials in the pipeline and spend areas

  • COVID-19 trials and emerging therapeutics areas updates
  • Oncology, vaccines, immune-oncology and infectious diseases under trial opportunity spotlights
  • Working with diverse clinical regulations and protocol management in APAC
  • Streamlining outsourcing strategy and clinical trials partnership business models
  • CRO partnership – Cost control, oversight management, regulatory strategy and risk
  • Technology in trials – Virtual trials, wearables, and digitalisation
  • Innovations case studies – Data strategy, analytics, and technology-based future proof
  • AI in drug discovery, Big Data analytics, and blockchain-powered clinical trials
  • Leading pharma, biotech, sites and academic’s presentations on innovations, drug development,
    and collaboration
  • Site and investigator engagement panel discussion
  • Operational cost controls, recruitment, and site selection
  • Building patient-centric clinical trial design
  • Patient engagement and centricity
  • Asia Panel – Trials of the future
  • Patients story under the spotlight
  • Startup ecosystem for innovating clinical trials

Well-organized and very cordial staff. Many information regarding clinical trials update and digital technology for CTs used. The experts are practitioners that implemented and improved their practices based on expertise that can be implied in the ASEAN countries.

Hanoum Kayasa Swasti, QA, Pharma Metric Labs

Industry was more open in sharing their business strategy decisions..

Jennifer Harmon, Director, Clinical Affairs, SynAgile Corporation